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Mother of Nations Intercessory Group • MONIG MEMBERS CONVICTION

We are called of God to intercede for Nigeria. The word says, “If My people, who are called by My name should humble themselves, seek Me and give up their evil ways, God will restore”. – 2 Chronicles 7: 14.

Since May 29, 2008, the dew of restoration has continued to grow in its intensity in Nigeria. 2009 experienced the showers of restoration, no doubt. But God has come in His usual way to cause the rain of restoration to fall upon Nigeria.


  1. As the rain of restoration falls, the erosion continues to flush out every wicked wisdom operating in the country.
  2. The strategies and tentacles which have not allowed for good governance in states and in Nigeria are flushed away forever.
  3. The power of magicians and sorcerers over this nation and states are doused forever – Exodus 7 12
  4. Every scepter of the wicked are uprooted by the power and grace of God’s restoration. Psalm 125: 3.
  5. Rain of restoration is falling to break the hold of the wickedness in Lagos state. Psalm 144: 6.


The Kingdom of God; the reign of justice is established with love in Nigeria. And so, for the first quarter of every year, i.e. January to March, among others, our prayer points are:

  1. (i)            Father, let Your restoration power come upon Nigeria and flush out groups that upturn good governance in Nigeria.

            (ii)           The spirit behind the forces against good governance in Nigeria be destroyed Ps 46: 9

  1. (i)            Every power and strategy working against Lagos state governor, be shattered into pieces. Ps 46: 9, Galatians 5: 10.

(ii)           Father, let God’s terror come upon such individuals and groups to put them into confusion, get them scattered and never to come together in the name of Jesus. Ex 23: 27


(iii)          The Governor, a noble man, we stand in God’s word concerning him in Isaiah 32: 8, Jeremiah 15: 19 -21. He shall look unto God in all.


  1. Every group, every person that is or will stand against the power of restoration in Nigeria:
  1. Shall go with December, not unto death but power, strength, energy and sound mind be snuffed out of such group or persons. Zechariah 12: 4.
  2. Spirit supporting lack of continuity in Lagos state come under the wrath of God. Isaih 32: 5 – 7. As divine mothers of Nations, we condemn such spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 54: 17a.
  1. (i)            Prayer for the President

Father, let the rains of restoration fall upon him for total restoration of health, sound mind and vigour in the name of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah 30: 17, Joel 2: 25

  1. Father, let the spirit of God infuse every living soul in Nigeria. Let the fear of God dominate the heart of Nigerians, Proverbs 23: 26, Rev 3: 20. Let Nigerians – old and young open their hearts for God’s word to reign in there.
  1. (i)            Father, let the closed glorious destiny of Nigeria be re-opened by Your power and grace

in the name of Jesus Christ. Let destinies hear the voice of God to posses their inheritance.

(ii)           In the name of Jesus, let there be both spiritual and financial prosperity in Nigeria.

  1. Father, as a divine mother, no one shall stand against me all the days of my life in the name of Jesus. Joshua 1: 5.

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Since May 29, 2008, the dew of restoration has continued to grow in its intensity in Nigeria Read More